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21-Day Blogging Challenge

The 21-Day Blogging Challenge is a plugin offered by Kalatu that is targeted at those new to blogging as well as a useful tool to help members get used to blogging on the WordPress platform and the features provided.  This plugin lays out a variety of templates; one for each day of 21 consecutive days.

Once you have logged into your blog dashboard, you will select “21-Day Blogging Challenge” from the dashboard menu.

The first step you will want to complete is to watch the starter video which provides training on how the challenge works.

After that, you will click the green “Create New Post” button and follow the instructions provided.

Some template examples include:

  • Favorite Videos - Insert some of your favorite videos according to the topic you have chosen for the post

  • Favorite Quotes - Insert quotes that fit with a topic you have chosen for the post

  • My Life - Insert a story about someone or something that has impacted your life in a positive way.

At the bottom of the template, there is a “Create New Post” button that will not work unless the template is completed fully.

For instance, if the template calls for two quotes, you MUST enter a minimum of two quotes or it will not be considered complete. You may enter as many as ten quotes however it is required that you  meet the minimum that is stated in the template.

Once the template is complete, the “Create New Post” will turn green and the post can be generated.

If you have missed a day of the challenge, a feature has been added that will allow you to go back and complete that day so that you may continue to keep your posts in order.

This can be done by selecting the number of the day you missed from the options below the training video.