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Affiliate Fees – What Is That?

As always, Empower Network does its best to make the life of every internet marketer easy and provides a fair solution for all those, who do not feel tempted by purchasing and using the valuable products of Empower Network, but still would like to be able to re-sell them to customers. The reasons for that affiliate’s decision could be different – the affiliate may not have the budget to allow himself buying a specific product, or may not have the time to use it for his business, or may simply find other Empower Network products sufficient for his business... or just have something else in mind. Many possible reasons, but Empower Network has one answer for all of them - it simply offers an easy and fair solution for all affiliates who want to be able to resell a specific product without possessing it.

In order to explain what exactly the “Affiliate Fees” serve for, we will go back a little and explain how the current qualification process works in Empower Network.

First, let us refresh what exactly “qualification” means. Being a qualified affiliate in Empower Network means that you are an active affiliate, eligible for receiving commissions upon reselling a specified product. Each product has its own qualification process, and one affiliate could be qualified for re-selling one product and not be qualified for other products. There are currently three qualification statuses in Empower Network, and in the next lines we will go through all of them and explain them in details.

Here is an example of how the page within the back office, which shows the current affiliate statuses for each product, could look like:


The current available statuses are:

NON-COMMISSIONABLE (red) -> This status means that the affiliate is NOT eligible for receiving commissions at this point, for the specified product on the left. This status could lead to receiving a lot of emails by the system, that a member in your downline has purchased a product, but you have missed the commission. Keep in mind - if you lose a sale, you will not get it back even if you qualify right after that!!!

REQUIRE-QUALIFY (orange) -> This status means that the affiliate has completed the payment of the affiliate license fee for that product, and needs to make one passup sale in order to get qualified

COMMISSIONABLE (green) -> This status means that the affiliate is currently qualified and could receive commissions for any future sales of the correspondent product


Now, let’s explain the different ways for an affiliate to become qualified for a specified product.

There are basically two different ways to get qualified for receiving commissions upon selling a product to a member in your downline.

First option to qualify:

The first option comes for those, who do NOT want to own the product, but just want to be able to re-sell it. In order to qualify for selling a product and receiving the correspondent commissions which the sale generates, the member should pay an “Affiliate License Fee” for this product, as well as pass one sale for that product as well. When an affiliate license fee is paid, but the first passup sale is not completed yet, the affiliate receives a special status “REQUIRE-QUALIFY” on his business page within his Empower Network account.

The pricelist for the affiliate license fee is the following:

    Affiliate License Fee: LifeStyle Society    $47.00

    Affiliate License Fee: 6 Figure Builder Society    $97.00

    Affiliate License Fee: Millionaire Society    $197.00

    Affiliate License Fee: Momentum Automation System    $97.00

    Affiliate License Fee: VIP Traffic Secrets    $100.00

    Affiliate License Fee: 6-Figure Builder Club    $197.00

    Affiliate License Fee: LifeStyle Profits Academy    $497.00

    Affiliate License Fee: Influence Automation Mastermind    $1,497.00

*These fees are one-time payments.


Note: Since we really encourage our customers to take important decisions easier, we offer different bundle packages, which allow purchasing the affiliate license fees with a great discount. For new members, we offer an amazing package with all of the affiliate license fees above at a great discounted price!

For additional information, please login to your account and navigate to My Account -> My Account Status -> “How can I make money with Empower” OR just login to your account and type this link in your browser:


Second option to qualify:

The second option could be considered more tempting and most of our customers prefer to take the advantage of using it. A member gets qualified and becomes eligible to receive commissions upon selling a product as soon as the member purchases the correspondent product for his own use. Buying and using the product is something that Empower Network actually encourages. After all – would you send your kid to a football coach, who has never played football? Or would you go to yoga classes if your trainer has never practiced it, but has just read over the Internet how others are doing it? : ) We believe that purchasing the product and reselling it builds integrity and provides a better value for the end customer, which is always our leading motivation! Due to that, when a product is purchased we grant the resell rights together with the purchase, without adding additional license fee on top of the product price! This makes the option of purchasing a product really a tempting deal, because you get great value for your money!

Note: If a product has different levels, purchasing an upper one will also give away the resell rights for the lower levels. For example – if you purchase the Total Shortcut Elite package, you will be qualified to resell all three levels for Total Shortcut Elite – Basic, Pro and Elite, and receive the correspondent commission for each sale you make for any of them.

Just to make it clear though - if you purchase TS Basic, you will not get the resell rights for TS Pro and TS Elite, of course.