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BOOTCAMP Technical Info

The “6 Figure Recruitment Bootcamp” - in short “The Bootcamp” - is a monthly training paid course performed and organized by Empower Network.


Key Points:

1.The general idea.

The Bootcamp’s main focus is TRAINING. You can think of it as an online university with a good focus on both the theoretical and practical, real life training. Completing the training course will help you develop and improve your sales skills to perfection. The Bootcamp’s main focus is not to serve as a money-making opportunity, although it does pay out commissions to the members who close a sale.

The mechanics, explained simply:

All members who join the Bootcamp receive an account in an online dialer system (Phoneburner). Empower Network has the responsibility to add leads (owned by EN, not cold leads) to each member’s phoneburner account, on a daily basis. Each Bootcamp member receives an intensive training - ready-to-use scripts (which are periodically updated to serve you best), online group calls, feedback, and coaching. Providing all the tools and guidance needed, all that the member needs to do on their side is follow up, learn and practice. Each member is required to make 50 dials per day.


Currently all members who have a Lifestyle Society product at any level ($47, $97 or $197) could join the Bootcamp training. The livestream ticket for the next event is also a requirement (it could be purchased on the authorization form submitted for the Bootcamp admin fee).

The Lifestyle Society product is not only a requirement, but also a technical need - because it is tied to the Workplace account, and the members need that for the communication and the trainings.

3.Join process.

If you are interested in joining - you may do that by submitting an authorization form for joining the next Bootcamp. (we will publish the link to join here)

The forms need to be submitted before 15th of the month in order to join the next month.

We do accept late applications as well, but all applications (and charges) processed after 25th will receive an additional $27 fee.

This means that if you have submitted your form on 10th, but the payment got declined, and you followed up providing a different payment method on 26th, your card will be charged with the rush fee as well.

The authorization form creates an automated subscription for the amount of $167. The vast majority of the Bootcamp members continue their membership in the next month. To ease and speed up the process, each Bootcamp member is processed automatically for the next month, unless they require to be canceled.

NOTE: Cancellation requests are accepted until 15th of the month (e.g. if you are in the June Bootcamp and you would not like to rejoin in July, you need to submit a cancellation request by June 15th). After that date the procedure of setting up the accounts and processing the charges for the next month begins and the payments taken are not refundable.

NOTE: We need operational time in order to setup all the resources needed - in this regard - phoneburner accounts are created within 3 business days after the payment is processed and confirmed. If possible, we will do our best to deliver that earlier.

4.Prices and charges

The Bootcamp comes in two different packages, providing different opportunities. The standard package will allow the Bootcamp member to be assigned into a team with a Phase II graduated coach, who has bigger experience in selling and has already completed at least one Bootcamp training. However, the VIP Group Acceleration package allows the Bootcamp members to enjoy the best training available - directly from the founder, the sales-expert David Wood. The VIP group is limited to 25 seats, and usually sells out quickly. Standard teams are usually up to 4-6 people.

The prices:

The “Starter Package” a.k.a. “The standard package” - costs $167 (per month, until canceled)

The “Acceleration Package Popular Choice” - VIP Group Coaching with David Wood (personal coach) - costs $797

By default the VIP Group members will continue as regular Bootcamp members the second month, and they will be charged with the $167 amount. If they would like to continue with the VIP Group under Dave Wood, a new authorization form will be required for the correspondent month.

IMPORTANT: All applications (and charges) processed after 25th will receive an additional $27 fee. If a payment gets declined we do retry 3 times in 3 days and we send out a notification email each attempt! If you have submitted your form to join the Bootcamp, but you have not seen a confirmation for a few days, then please contact us back to clarify! Processing a lot of applicati

ons or reprocessing declined orders at the end of the month puts tremendous load on our team, and could cause unwanted delays in launching the entire Bootcamp! Due to that we are asking - please submit your application timely, make sure you follow up promptly if the payment is declined, and do your best to be setup before 25th in order to avoid the rush fee! This way we will be happy to welcome all bootcamp members on 1st exactly, without delays or issues! :)

5.Tips for new members

All new members are being provided with a phoneburner account (after the admin fee is successfully charged) and are automatically added to the secret Bootcamp group in Workplace.

IMPORTANT: In order to have an account in Workplace, you need to have an account in Empower Network with the Lifestyle Society product in good standing! (either of the three levels). Otherwise we cannot add you to the secret group and you will not be able to attend the online trainings and communicate with us.

-If your payment got declined, you will receive an email notification about it. Most often payments get declined due to security restrictions from the card issuer. These could easily be fixed through a call with the bank, confirming the payments are authorized. The other two common reasons are CC typos or insufficient funds/card limit reached. To fix the first one, a new form will need to be submitted, as this is the only legit way to receive CC information.

Please make sure you follow up with our staff in order to have your fee processed before 25th. Otherwise an additional rush fee of $27 will be applied to your order!

-If you receive a confirmation that your fee was charged correctly, then the next step is to verify if you have an active account in Workplace and if you can access the Bootcamp group. The Bootcamp group is named [MONTH]: 6 Figure Recruiting BootCamp Group.

Remember, if you do not have an active EN account for the Lifestyle Society product or if you have left your account expire and you reactivated it, you will not be able to enter the secret group. If that happens, feel free to contact our support staff at and we will assist you!

-If you have any questions in regards to if your payment was successful, if you have been added to the bootcamp, if your authorization form was received or you need a new authorization form link - you may contact Stan Markovitch via Workplace OR simply send us an email/ticket at

-If you have any questions in regards to the phoneburner system - we have a dedicated support staff representative (Jose Gomez) - who you may contact via Workplace directly OR simply send us an email at

6.Phase I - Phase II

All newcomers are placed in “Phase I” as regular Bootcamp members who have a coach assigned and main responsibilities to make their dials, follow the commitments and the trainings, attend the live calls, report their results, etc.

Upon making a specified number of sales and meeting specified criteria (Lifestyle Society Pro, Momentum Automation, Bootcamp fee, 6(six) sales for the current month), the member could graduate and go to “Phase II” - where they become a coach themselves and have a team assigned next month.

They continue to make calls and follow all commitments, but on top of that they are required to help their teams with personal coaching.

The members from “Phase II” receive the sales made by their team, and these sales get placed in their downline. A fee of 15% is being taken out for administrative purposes (incl. the 5% for the member who has made the sale) and the rest is paid out through the comp plan to the upline.

NOTE: Sales generated through the bootcamp sales funnel do not pay 80% on any first sale, but a percentage according to the rank of the sponsor. However, when the sponsor makes a first sale by themselves, they still get 80% from it.

The Phase II members may decide to use their taproot system to place the members at a specified position/leg or under themselves.

7.Terms to join, commitments made and authorization form:

Upon joining every Bootcamp member needs to confirm their commitment to this opportunity. The Bootcamp requires serious people who want to commit and be responsible with their participation. The Bootcamp is underpriced and barely covers the technical costs associated with the Bootcamp. The purpose of the company is to deliver a really affordable and helpful training for all those who are new to the marketing world, or want to improve their selling skills further.

The authorization form contains the full list of all commitments which each applicant makes. Please make sure you read them carefully before submitting the form!




BUNDLE PACKAGES SALES FUNNEL - product purchase amounts and subscriptions amounts clarified:

Package #1: 6 Figure Mentoring

Initial charge (total)$2294//This is $1497 for products + $797 for VIP Group

Monthly charge (total)$364

Monthly breakdown:$197 + $167

Package #2: 6 Figure Bootcamp "The Leader's Choice"

Initial charge (total)$1,664//This is $1497 for products + $167 for Bootcamp

Monthly charge (total)$364

Monthly breakdown:$197 + $167

Package #3: Momentum Bootcamp Package

Initial charge (total)$664

Monthly charge (total)$264

Monthly breakdown:$97 + $167

Package #4: Beginner Bootcamp Package

Initial charge (total)$214

Monthly charge (total)$214

Monthly breakdown:$47 + $167

Package #5: Budget Bootcamp Package

Initial charge (total)  $47

Monthly charge (total) $47

Monthly breakdown:$47


Q: I am not able to attend the trainings, because my current work schedule does not allow it. May I still join the bootcamp?

A: Exceptions could be made if you miss a single training, but not if you are not able to attent most of them, because this will not allow you to follow up the training procedure efficiently.


Q: What products do I have to own before joining the Bootcamp?

A: At this point you need only an active Lifestyle Society account. For some months we also require a livestream ticket to be purchased for the next EN event.

However, if you would like to be able to qualify to Phase II, you will need at least Lifestyle Society Pro membership and the Momentum Automation product activated on your account.


Q: Will the price of $167 be increased in the future?

A: The current price of the Bootcamp is very low - we deliver a Phoneburner account included within this small fee, which if bought separately through the vendor's website costs exactly $149 per month. However, even though we do our best to keep this incredible training affordable, at some point it is not impossible to have the price increased. This will be announced and will also be clarified on the authorization form which the applicants submit.


Q: Is the fee refundable?

A: The admin fee of $167 (or $797) is not refundable.


Q: I am already in the Bootcamp, when would I be charged for the next month?

A: We start to rebill the cards after 15th of the current month, in order to set all members up by the end of the month without any delays. So if you are in July's bootcamp and you continue in August, your card will be attempted between July 15th and July 20th.


Q: Where can I access all the informational content, documents, and scripts? 

A: The training process happens through our communications platform "Workplace". All Bootcamp members are added to a secret group, not visible to anyone else. The training resources are posted within the group, as well as the links for the online calls. If you have paid for your membership, but you cannot access the secret Bootcamp group, please contact our Customer Support Department immediately.


Q: I missed the Orientation for my Bootcamp, is there a replay?

A: Yes, we publish the call recording in the Bootcamp group in Workplace, so anyone who has missed it, can watch it carefully, because the call is important.


Q: I can’t make it to one of the mandatory weekly meetings because of an emergency, what do I do?

A: One missed mandatory meeting will not lead to penalties, we could make single exceptions. Of course this should not be abused. If a member fails to show up consistently, the appropriate measures would be taken.