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Can I Use Kalatu In Another Language?

Empower Network is constantly striving to become more accommodating to those members who work with us from all over the world.

Within Kalatu, you are welcome to write your blog posts in any language you desire. With Kalatu’s Language Chooser” feature (found on the Edit Post page), you may select the language that your blog post is written from the drop-down menu.

This feature allows you to “point” that particular post to that language’s target audience.


For instance, if you are writing a post about puppies in Spanish and it is entitled "Me encantan los cachorros", the blog post would rank for a search for “Me encantan los cachorros”. In the same way, if you write “Me encantan los cachorros” and select Spanish from the Language Chooser, visitors searching for “blog posts about puppies that are written in Spanish” will eventually run across your post.

If you do not see your desired language in the language options, you may add a language by selecting “Posts” from the dashboard menu, then clicking on “Language”.

Here you will fill in the name of the language, the slug (URL-friendly version of the name; optional; this will default to the language name if not filled), and a description of the language (also optional) and click “Add New Language.”

The new language will populate in the menu along the right side of the screen where you can view posts on your blog written in that language, edit, or delete the language by hovering over the language name.