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Commissions Reclaimed - What does this mean?

In your Earnings History under the Commissions tab in your Empower Network account, you may have seen a tab titled "Commissions Reclaimed".

This page can be reached by doing the following:

1. Hover over the "Account" tab at the top of your EN back office.

2. Click "My Commissions".

3. Click the blue "Earnings History" button on the Commissions page.

4. You will see the "Commissions Reclaimed" tab on the Earnings History page.

This page will show transactions that are not commissions, but Refunds or Chargebacks tied to your downline members' accounts. Since you as the sponsor originally received these payments, the Refunds/Chargebacks are deducted from your future commission earnings.

These Refunds/Chargebacks pose as a negative balance that is owed.

The table above will display the amount and product that was refunded, the date that the refund hit, and the username of the member in the downline that is receiving that refund.

If you hover over the "i" in the Status column, you can also see the date that the original transaction was made.

Refunds are transactions that are reversed and credited back to the cardholder by Empower Network. The current fees for these are $2.00.

Chargebacks are a demand by a credit card provider for a retailer (Empower Network) to return the amount on a disputed transaction. The fee for a Chargeback is $40.

The total amount of the refunds and chargebacks for that period are "clawed back" from the sponsor's Pending Commissions before the commission total is paid to your commission account on Friday.

If the sponsor has no Pending Commissions, then the total of the refunds and chargebacks will still count as an outstanding negative balance that needs to be paid back. Any incoming commissions will be paid toward the negative balance until it is satisfied.


Since there is a protection period before each commission is paid out, it is possible that a transaction may be refunded to a downline member before the commission is paid out to your commission account.

Refunds are calculated in one of two ways, and this all depends on whether or not the commission has been deposited into the sponsor's commission account.

Take note of the dates of the refunds/chargebacks on the Payment Reclaimed page.

If a commission has already been paid out, the sponsor is responsible for the full amount of the commission, plus a $2.00 refund fee.

If a commission has not already been paid out, then the referring affiliate is responsible for the $2.00 refund fee, processing fees (6.35% + $0.79 per transaction) as well as Holdback amount (10% per transaction).

Please be aware that Empower Network holds the referring affiliate liable for the Holdback fees upfront, as this 10% rolling reserve is held by the merchant processor and not Empower Network. This means that when the reserve is released in 6-8 months after the initial transaction, you will still receive these funds despite the transaction being refunded.

Refunds are issued by Empower Network in cases where a valid reason is provided. For example, Empower Network operates under our 3-Day Return Policy, which states that a refund can be approved if it is requested within 3 days of the original purchase date. You can refer to our Refund Policy here.

Section 3.28 of the Affiliate Agreement states "Affiliates receive commissions based on the actual sales of the platform to end consumers. When the Company issues a refund to a customer, the Affiliate who received a commission based on the sale of the refunded product or service agrees that he or she shall reimburse Empower Network the amount of the refund and any resulting fees."

IMPORTANT! If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding the status, totals, or payouts of your commissions, please contact our Support Department as soon as possible.

You can submit a support ticket or call Customer Support at 1-888-262-1934 (Monday - Friday 8:30am - 8:00pm).