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Edit or Delete Credit Card Information on File

If you are looking to edit or delete credit card information that has already been used in our system, you can do this right within your Empower Network account.

1. First, log into your Empower Network account.

2. Hover over theAccount  tab and click My Account.”

3. From there, choose the "Manage Credit Cards" tab.

4. You will see a screen which will contain all of the cards currently tied to your Empower Network account. The table will display the card type, the card number, the card's expiration date, and the option to Edit/Delete the card.

Deleting a Card

To delete a card from this file, click the "Delete" link and confirm on the pop-up page. This will remove the card from your Empower Network account.

Editing a Card

To edit a piece of information on a preexisting card, such as the expiration date or the billing address, you will click the "Edit" link.

Insert the correct and/or updated card information, and click "Save". The card will now tied to your account once again, but with the updated information.

NOTE: If you edit information on a card that you are already using for an active subscription, you will need to update the card for that subscription. You can do this by following the instructions in this Knowledgebase article, and reselecting the card you have just edited.