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Empower Network - is it a PYRAMID or a PONZI SCHEME?

This is one of our favourite and most-loved questions ever.


It is quite common people who have difficulties understanding new marketing methods (or new things in general), to anathematize whatever falls beyond their understandings. For centuries we have been burning and killing scientists who dare to invent new things that people are not yet prepared to hear. It is not the church who is guilty, it is simply our inert minds.


And, unfortunately, we have not evolved too much from these darks ages. Even now, whenever you hear about something revolutionary, your first thought is “Nah… impossible!”, right? But well, after all, good things are hard to believe, we have to admit that.


On the other hand, fraudsters and scammers are around and yes, they are trying to find a way to get your money. We have seen all kind of frauds - ponzi schemes, pyramids, games… And now, people who are offered a great opportunity, cannot accept such a thing could exist and just start to try to find a pattern in it, and they accuse it for being something it is not. Sounds familiar? We believe you have seen that in many other places in your daily life.


What if we told you…


Empower Network does not encourage any illegitimate practices

Empower Network pays huge attention to Compliance

Empower Network is here for 5 years and is here to stay

Empower Network has strict policies and rules which are publicly available

Empower Network has sold products to more than 200,000 customers for 5 years

… and we can make this list really big


would you believe it?


Imagine if you get yourself teleported a few centuries back through a time machine and you need to explain the people there that very soon a new invisible power will rule the world... and that power is electricity. Right, nobody will believe you, and you may end up at the balefire.


So, to the questions.


- Hey, is it a PYRAMID SCHEME?

You just need to have a basic, very basic understanding of how the Empower Network compensation plan works and you quickly realize how ridiculous this comparison is. We will not go too deep to explain this further - you have all the info exposed in the Knowledge Base, so you may quickly read and see that Empower Network does not have even the slightest resemblance to a pyramid scheme.


- Hey, is it a PONZI SCHEME?

This is even funnier. Basically every marketing model that gains momentum is quickly called a “ponzi scheme”. Empower Network is as close to a ponzi scheme as the GN-z11 galaxy is close to the Earth. But well, some people still believe the President is a reptile or the Earth is flat, so we do understand that it is not really easy to fight beliefs that are not supported by facts.

In fact, Empower Network has a so transparent payout model, that even putting the words “Empower Network” and “ponzi scheme” in a single sentence is an insult. We will leave the conclusions to you.


To recap.


Empower Network has nothing to do with any kind of pyramid structures, ponzi schemes or any other scam schemes.


Empower Network is in full compliance and consults with their lawyers regularly to ensure that the company is within full compliance and these lawyers address any legal claims made against Empower Network.


Empower Network has all the information exposed and accessible. Empower Network does not hide anything. We have a huge public knowledgebase as well as publicly availableIncome Disclaimer. For anything that might not be posted online we have a dedicaed Customer Service team always ready to help.


Empower Network does not promise a higher commission or return than what a customer pays for products. In fact, it has a completely transparent compensation model paying out between 20% and 80% upon a product sale.


So, what actually is EMPOWER NETWORK with one word?


Let's just say Empower Network is a tool. A tool you may use and be successful with, or not. Just like the pen for the writer, but with the small difference, that the pen does not teach the writer what to do, while Empower Network provides a full training from A to Z. So basically it is like a tool that does most of the work by itself. Pretty cool, right?


We will stop here - you may easily understand the rest by the positive reviews from our customers, the information we have all over the web and of course - the numbers. After all, numbers do not lie, even if people sometimes do. Right?