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Empower Network Marketing Vocabulary


Empower Network for beginners

(Frequently used terms in the marketing industry and EN in particular, that everyone should be aware of)

Account – refers to the membership, or to the database entry, that the member has created, and is often wrongfully equaled to “subscription”. The subscription is a recurring payment which keeps the account active.

Active or Paid Member – a person who has created an account and has completed the correspondent payment(s), activating the account, and receiving the correspondent paid access to the correspondent areas of the site, according to his membership

Affiliate – in the system we call “affiliate” every member who has activated their affiliate status

Affiliate fee - qualifying and being able to receive commissions upon selling products in Empower Network require a set of conditions to be met. One of the options to qualify for receiving commissions is by paying the correspondent Affiliate Fee for a product. By paying this fee a member could qualify for receiving commissions without purchasing the product itself. (Please note that this might not be the sufficient condition for the qualification. Some products require one pass-up sale as well.)

Affiliate link – in our system this refers to the URL links which our affiliates receive in order to advertise their system and join members. Affiliate links are called both the lead capture pages links as well as the direct join links or the blog URL coded with the id of the user at the end, passed up as a GET variable

Autoresponder – automated system which aims on collecting, organizing, managing and contacting leads, which come through capture pages and marketing campaigns.

Back Office – the pages accessible by paid members within Empower Network. Kalatu Blogging System and Kalatu Cloud are considered external systems which are not part of the Back Office.

Comped – a short for “Complimentary membership” - refers to a special status for members, who are not required to pay the monthly fees. This status is usually internal and still shows as “active” to the members in their back office. In some cases products could be internally marked as “comped” if they are part of a bundle, where no subscription fees are needed for all of the products within the bundle purchase.

Compensation plan – a set of predefined rules which specify how affiliates will be rewarded when they sell the products of the company to customers. Currently Empower Network is using a sophisticated and well balanced rank based compensation plan, allowing a fair commission distribution

Downline – refers to the complete chain of members who have signed up under a specific “sponsor”. By “downline” we usually mean all of the members in the full tree under the sponsor.

Grace – a term that specifies limited access for members that have outstanding payments. If that functionality is enabled, the members are usually set to 14 or 21 days Grace period, if their current subscription payment is not completed. During this period the members have limited access in the website.

Kalatu Blogging System – a blogging platform based on WordPress, designed and engineered to serve the customers of Empower Network in the best way possible in order to ensure a smooth process of publishing, storing and accessing blog posts and data. The system is a core product in Empower Network.

Kalatu Cloud - an internet marketing platform, a tool suite which contains variety of useful and automated communication and marketing systems, combined with attention and focus on creating and managing internet marketing campaigns with ease, automation and speed. The product is an essential part of the Total Shortcut System in Empower Network, but could also be purchased as a standalone system. Often customers refer to it as a really groundbreaking internet marketing platform, making the life of all marketers much easier! The system offers features like: Integrated video and audio email; Built-in HTML5 video hosting; Social media campaign automation; Extensive library of email templates; Webinar integration; Autoresponder and email triggers; Custom form builder and others.

Lead – a contact by a prospect. Leads are often collected via marketing pages called “Lead Capture Pages”.

Lead Capture Pages (also referred to as Squeeze Pages) – automated pages which have a few simple fields to be filled in, where interested prospects could leave their contact information if they like.

Lockdown – this refers to a limited functionality mode for members who has missed a payment and then have not completed it during the Grace period. After the Grace period expires, the accounts enter Lockdown mode, if this additional functionality is added. During this period the members have limited access in the website.

Member – refers to a person who has signed up and has an active account. In most of the cases when we say “member” we understand “active” or “paid” member.

Paid Members Area – all of the pages within the website, that are accessible by paid members, according to the level of their membership

Pass-up – usually refers to the sales that a member makes before completing qualification. These sales are not part of the downline for the current member, instead, they are redirected to an eligible member in the upline according to the compensation plan of the system.

Powerline – refers to specific chain (tree) of members under the current sponsor. The powerline is part of the downline. The powerline is defined by the specifics of the system and is determined by the admin who sets up the programs in the system. For example: If the system uses a 2-up compensation plan with 1st and 2nd sale powerline pass ups; then the powerline of the member will consist of: his third and any next direct sale; his first two sales of any of the third and next direct sales; then their first two sales and so on. Any third sale down the chain will start a powerline for the correspondent sponsor, and will no longer be part of the powerline of the current member. At the moment Empower Network is NOT using a powerline-based compensation plan, so this term does not refer to any part of EN at this point.

Prospect – refers to a person who is interested in the business but not a member yet. Could be called a “potential buyer” or a “potential customer”.

Qualification – this term refers to a process that is setup in the system, by the rules of which the members receive specific status in the system (e.g. becoming eligible for receiving commissions when selling a product). The qualification process usually requires a specific number of sales or other conditions and is further described within the ToS and compensation plan documents. In most of the cases a qualification status is not permanent – a member could go back to “unqualified” if some conditions are not met.

Sponsor – according to the specifics of the system, each new member signs up, using another (active) member’s affiliate link. The last one is referred to as “sponsor”, and the member who has signed up is usually referred to as “direct sale” or “sale” or sometimes “direct downline”, depending on the compensation plan.

Subscription – recurring payment, setup on an account (or a product). The recurring payment should keep the account active, the system adds a period to the account, each time the subscription charges the card.

Tier – this basically means a level up/down in the chain of joined members.

Upline – refers to the chain of sponsor’s sponsors. “Upline” could mean any sponsor undefined number of levels above the current member.