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This is a periodically updated list with the most common and current issues and questions sent through support tickets to the Customer Support Department and Empower Network.

It is quite likely to find the answer of your question within this article, so before sending a ticket please have a look! :)

Kalatu Cloud:

Q:May I move any leads collected in my EN Back Office to my Kalatu Cloud system?

A:Not at this point. Any leads collected in the EN Back Office could be only manually exported and then manually imported into Kalatu Cloud, but there is not automatic feature for that.


Q:I have upgraded to Total Shortcut Elite System for free, but I was charged only 6 days after I joined?

A:That is normal - when you join at the Basic level by paying $47, the system sets your next payment date in a month. But if you upgrade to Pro ($97 per month) or Elite ($197 per month), your next payment will come earlier - in 14 days or 6 days respectivelly, because of the difference in the fees for each.

Compensation Plan:

Q:I have been active for a long time in quite a few products, and I understood I have been grandfathered into the new products now, but for some reason I do not see the Influence Automation Mastermind product qualified on my account, why is that?

A:There were various criteria required for our affiliates to be fully grandfathered into the new product packages (providing both the product itself and the resell rights to it). In order to receive the resell rights for the IAM product, a member had to be (at the same time):

-active affiliate

-active in all current products at that time (including the VIP Traffic Product)

Customers who have not met both criteria have only received the product, but not the resell rights to it. The option to get the receive rights as well is only by purchasing the appropriate license affiliate fees and following the qualification procedure.