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How Can I Code an Empower Network Link to My Affiliate ID?

The Empower Network system has been created in a way to allow nearly any URL hosted on our domain to be individually coded to get you credit for sales that are generated on those pages!

IMPORTANT - Before moving further, please be aware that in order to generate leads and commissions for product sales, it is required that you are an active Affiliate of Empower Network and you have been qualified for the specific product you would like to advertise. To learn more about this, please review this article: Affiliate License Fees.

To code an Empower Network URL to your Affiliate ID, you will first need the original URL (In the example, is used).

To "code" the URL, simply add the following to the end of the URL:  ?id=USERNAME

For example, if my username was Prodtest_36, then could be coded as -->

This will ensure that all the Join, Sales, and Lead Capture links on the coded page will credit you, the active Affiliate.

In my example, I coded the main Empower Network homepage to an example Affiliate ID. When I navigated to the join page from, the URL in the address bar (shown above) displays as:

NOTE: If you are unsure if you are an active Empower Network affiliate, or if you would like your links tested at any time, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Department by sending an email to