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How Can I Leave a Comment on a Blog?

You must be logged into your Kalatu Blog or a WordPress blog to comment on a post as a user.

If you would like to leave a comment on your own blog, you can do so by selecting your blog from the tool bar at the top of your dashboard, then select the post that you would like to leave a comment on. Scroll to the bottom of the post and click the box labeled "Leave A Reply".  When you are ready to leave the comment, click “Post Comment.”

You can also go to the Comments tab from your blog dashboard, where you can moderate and manage all of your comments. If you would like to reply to a comment, just hover over the comment until you see the expanded options appear. Click on "Reply" to respond to the comment of your choice.


If you would like to comment on someone else's blog, you can go directly to their blog website (URL) and comment underneath each post, in the same way described above.

If comments are made on the blog by individuals who are not logged into an account, they will be asked to enter their Name, Email Address, and Website (Optional) before they can submit the comment.