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How Do I Find My Member API?

Empower Network offers one great feature that could be used by advanced users. It allows a custom built system to be integrated with an Empower Network member's account.

With simple words - you may have a web programmer create your own website, and this site may communicate with the Empower Network server directly, and pull sensitive data and show it on your pages.The "language" that these two systems will use when communicating is the API (API stands for Application Program Interface and is just a set of programming commands that return specific data).

It is fully customizable and has a lot of opportunities. The end result will be - you will have your own website with all the data you need from Empower Network displayed there. Basically, it is just like providing an OEM product that you put your brand on! This will be really helpful if you have huge plans for your business and you want to invest in a site that has its own brand.

As you understand this is not really for beginners or for customers who would like to take the advantages of Empower Network without making any additional expenses or efforts.

Once again, this API system is just an additional tool for advanced users, it is not a requirement or necessity to have! You may simply NOT use this feature (just like the bigger percentage of the members in Empower Network and you may still make a lot of sales without any problems!)

To retrieve your Empower Network API Key, log into your Empower Network account at

Then, follow these instructions:

1. Hover over the "My Business" tab at the top of your account.

2. From the menu items, choose Member API.

3. From here, you can view the API documentation that we provide, and view your API Key.

On the Member API page, you can view the API documentation, which will provide all the correspondent documentation for using the API.

NOTE: It is important to read the informative message on the main Member API page. This states that your API Key and Access ID should be treated just like your password, and should not be shared with anyone. Sharing this information would grant third-party access to sensitive information tied to your Empower Network account.