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How Do I Save a Draft Post?

After you have entered text or media into your post, you can save the draft to review later by clicking the Save Draftbutton.

Save Draft_post.png

By doing this, your blog post will be saved as a Draft, as opposed to being published for anyone to see.

To access your saved drafts, go back to your dashboard, and select “Posts” from the menu.

Once this button is clicked, all of your Posts will display in a list, with the saved draft being clearly labeled “Draft”, as shown below.

Draft post.png

To edit the draft post, hover over the title of the Post and click “Edit” when it appears.  

One exciting new feature is the ability to see what the finished post will look like on your blog before you post it.  Once your post is finalized, click the “Preview” button.  This will open a new tab where you will be able to see what the post will look like on your blog.

Preview post.png

 Note: There is a built-in autosave function that automatically saves a draft of your work every 20-30 minutes. You will see the timestamp of the last saved draft in the bottom right corner of your editing screen.