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How Do I Wrap Text Around a Picture?

"Wrapping text" is a function that enables you to surround a picture or diagram with text. The text "wraps" around the graphic.

In your dashboard, this action can be completed when you are writing a new post or creating a new page.

When on the posting screen, follow these instructions carefully:

1. Completely write out all text in the post first. This will not work if you insert the image first, then write text around it. Be sure that all text and paragraphs are set before continuing.

2. Click the location where you want the image to go (before the paragraph where the image should go).

3. Insert image, either by using the "Add Media" button, or the "Insert" function.

4. Double-click image, and click the pencil icon on the image to edit it.

5. Choose "Right" or "Left" as your alignment, depending on where you want the text to wrap around.

Then your text is wrapped around the graphic you inserted! Be sure to always "Preview" the blog post before publishing, so you know that the wrapping looks how you want it to.