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How To Add A Video To Your Blog Post

You can add a video  from any (hosting) source that has the URL for the video, an embed (iFrame) code, or that you upload to your Media Gallery.

We will go over all three of these options in this tutorial. 

First, log into your Empower Network back office, and access your dasboard by clicking "Login & Start Blogging".

Go to the post you are looking to edit, or create a new post.

Method #1: Upload or Choose from Gallery

If you are selecting a file from your Media Gallery, are uploading a file from your computer, OR are inserting the video from a URL, you will want to click the "Add Media" button.

Upload a Video - Click the "Upload Files" tab and locate the video from your computer (you can even "drag and drop" files into the upload area).

Choose from Gallery - To choose a video from your gallery, click "Media Library" and locate the file.

(Both of the tabs mentioned above are boxed in red in the screenshot below.)

Method #2: Insert from URL

Insert from URL - If you are inserting a video from a URL, you will click on the "Insert from URL" tab on the left side of the media screen. This is indicated by the arrow in the screenshot below. Just paste the URL, and you are all set.

Method #3: Embed Using iFrame Code

You can also EMBED a video using a video's iFrame code (more commonly known as the embed code).

This can be applied to either a blog POST or a PAGE.

To do this, you will first need to toggle to the "TEXT" tab of your post screen, as shown below. This tab gives you access to the HTML edior of this blog post.

Then, retrieve the embed code of the video you wish to insert into your post. You will want to insert the code in the place that you will want it to appear in your post.

Hint: When you toggle back to the "VIsual" tab, you can see the placement of the video in your post, like below.


How Do I Get the Embed Code or URL of a Video?

For most hosting sources, the embed code or share URL is very easy to find. Keep in mind that not all websites will have public sharing information, and in other cases you will need to request permission to use another individual's video.

In YouTube, you can find these two items by first finding the video you wish to use.

Then, click the "Share" button below the video (boxed in green in the image below).

The share URL will be immediately displayed. This is what can be used for the "Insert from URL" option in your Media Library.

To get the Embed code, click "Embed". This code is what you can paste into the "Text" area of your post or page.