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How to avoid spam filters

Online correspondence could be stopped by spam filters due to various reasons. Unfortunately there is no universal recipy for getting this fixed and no guarantee that you could deliver your content to your recipients every time, even if you follow all the known rules for avoiding the spam filters. According to some official sources 79% of the correspondence sent worldwide is stopped by spam filters, and unfortunately within this number often fall messages that should not be there.

However, understanding the process and the way the spam filter servers work could greatly increase the chance of avoiding our messages to be marked as spam and sent to a spam folder, or blocked by the mail servers completely.

Reading this article will give you the basics in regards to how to make sure you do everything on your side in order to keep your messages "not-spammy".

Delivering a message into the Inbox folder depends on a few things which we could separate and analyze:

  1.     The sending email server authentication
  2.     The Subject line
  3.     The Email content
  4.     The Email HTML Code


1.The sending email server authentication

Today, nearly all abusive e-mail messages carry fake sender addresses. Besides being a real threat to users and companies alike, sender address forgery undermines the e-mail medium as a whole, because it erodes people’s confidence in its reliability. Ensuring a valid identity on an email has become a vital step in stopping spam (as email can be filtered based on such an identity), forgery, fraud, and even more serious crimes. Email authentication allows the receiving email server to verify beyond any doubt, the email is coming from the “REAL” sending email server.

Here is how it works, explained in short:

Domains use public records (DNS) to direct requests for different services (web, email, etc.) to the machines that perform those services. All domains already publish email (MX) records to tell the world what machines receive mail for the domain.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) works by domains publishing "reverse MX" records to tell the world what machines send mail from the domain. When receiving a message from a domain, the recipient can check those records to make sure mail is coming from where it should be coming from. With SPF, those "reverse MX" records are easy to publish.

Basically this means that every receiver of a message could easily check if it has been sent by whoever is written in the "Sender" field on the email.

The Kalatu Cloud system authenticates according to the major ISP authentication requirements, so our members should not be worried about this.

2.The subject line & email content

We highly recommend researching spammy words (we will provide a list with the most common we are aware of). There are literally thousands, and even phrases that spam filters look for in an email. Being educated in the field of email marketing is the most important component for getting your email delivered to your recipient’s inbox. When crafting your email, you will need to find a way to describe what you want to say without using words and/or phrases which spam filters look for when scanning your email.

In addition, some major vendors (like Gmail) are now scanning the subject and the body for matching words. The chance of using a word in the subject, which is also met within the body content is quite big for a normal email message. When you pick a subject you usually want to "describe" the entire email with a couple of words only. But this is not valid for spam emails - because all the spammers want is to bring attention with the subject and have the receivers click and open - even if the body content is completely different from the subject.

In addition, specific formatting, symbols, words to images ratio and other details of your message could also make it more suspicious for the spam filters.


Here are a few general rules you should follow:

-Too many exclamation sings should be avoided

-ALL CAPS are big NO, both for subjects and for body content

-Combinations between exclamation points, all caps, trigger words/phrases could also increase the spam-score, even if they are not a reason individually

-Colored fonts and styles should also be avoided, standard non-spammy mails are usually less colorful


Here is a list of words that may trigger a higher spam-score - words that you should AVOID using:

4U Claims you are a winner For instant access
Accept credit cards Claims you registered with Some Kind of Partner For just $ (some amt)
Act now! Don’t hesitate! Click below Free access
Additional income Click here link Free cell phone
Addresses on CD Click to remove Free consultation
All natural Click to remove mailto Free DVD
Amazing Compare rates Free grant money
Apply Online Compete for your business Free hosting
As seen on Confidentially on all orders Free installation
Auto email removal Congratulations Free investment
Avoid bankruptcy Consolidate debt and credit Free leads
Be amazed Copy accurately Free membership
Be your own boss Copy DVDs Free money
Being a member Credit bureaus Free offer
Big bucks Credit card offers Free preview
Bill 1618 Cures baldness Free priority mail
Billing address Dear email Free quote
Billion dollars Dear friend Free sample
Brand new pager Dear somebody Free trial
Bulk email Different reply to Free website
Buy direct Dig up dirt on friends Full refund
Buying judgments Direct email Get It Now
Cable converter Direct marketing Get paid
Call free Discusses search engine listings Get started now
Call now Do it today Gift certificate
Calling creditors Don’t delete Great offer
Can’t live without Drastically reduced Guarantee
Cancel at any time Earn per week Have you been turned down?
Cannot be combined with any other offer Easy terms Hidden assets
Cash bonus Eliminate bad credit Home employment
Cashcashcash Email harvest Human growth hormone
Casino Email marketing If only it were that easy
Cell phone cancer scam Expect to earn In accordance with laws
Cents on the dollar Fantastic deal Increase sales
Check or money order Fast Viagra delivery Increase traffic
Claims not to be selling anything Financial freedom Insurance
Claims to be in accordance with some spam law Find out anything Investment decision
Claims to be legal For free It's effective
Join millions of Americans No questions asked Reverses aging
Laser printer No selling Risk free
Limited time only No strings attached Round the world
Long distance phone offer Not intended S 1618
Lose weight spam Off shore Safeguard notice
Lower interest rates Offer expires Satisfaction guaranteed
Lower monthly payment Offers coupon Save $
Lowest price Offers extra cash Save big money
Luxury car Offers free (often stolen) passwords Save up to
Mail in order form Once in lifetime Score with babes
Marketing solutions One hundred percent free Section 301
Mass email One hundred percent guaranteed See for yourself
Meet singles One time mailing Sent in compliance
Member stuff Online biz opportunity Serious cash
Message contains disclaimer Online pharmacy Serious only
MLM Only $ Shopping spree
Money back Opportunity Sign up free today
Money making Opt in Social security number
Month trial offer Order now Special promotion
More Internet traffic Order status Stainless steel
Mortgage rates Orders shipped by priority mail Stock alert
Multi level marketing Outstanding values Stock disclaimer statement
Name brand Pennies a day Stock pick
New customers only People just leave money laying around Stop snoring
New domain extensions Please read Strong buy
Nigerian Potential earnings Stuff on sale
No age restrictions Print form signature Subject to credit
No catch Print out and fax Supplies are limited
No claim forms Produced and sent out Take action now
No cost Profits Talks about hidden charges
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No disappointment Pure profit Tells you it’s an ad
No experience Real thing Terms and conditions
No fees Refinance home The best rates
No gimmick Removal instructions The following form
No inventory Remove in quotes They keep your money — no refund!
No investment Remove subject They’re just giving it away
No medical exams Removes wrinkles This isn’t junk
No middleman Reply remove subject This isn’t spam
No obligation Requires initial investment University diplomas
No purchase necessary Reserves the right Unlimited
Unsecured credit/debt We honor all Will not believe your eyes
Urgent Weekend getaway Winner
US dollars What are you waiting for? Winning
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Wants credit card Who really wins? Your income
We hate spam Why pay more?  


3.The Email HTML Code

The messages could be sent using HTML or plain-text. A lot of browsers at different devices, however, do not compile and visualize old versions of HTML. Using outdated or incorrect HTML code is a major reason why email to domains such as MSN/Hotmail and AOL are blocked or delivered to bulk or junk mail folders.

All of our email template designs have been created by our tech team to be completely error-free. If you write your own content though, please make sure you keep in mind the rules about formatting and keeping your content tide. Big images and a lot of formatting are a big NO if you want your mails to be delivered easier.



You may not always be able to avoid all spam filters, but it is worth crafting your mails in a way that will make them not only have a higher chance for that, but also look better!

Remember - if thousands of email messages have already been written in a way the world defines as "spammy", then perhaps yours should be different and this will make it trustworthy in front of the the recipients!

Every single one of us writes email messages every single day, it should not be really that hard to write our marketing emails in the same manner and follow the same rules there, right? :)


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