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How to Create Clickable Images in a Blog Post

In addition to making text into hyperlinks, you can also make IMAGE hyperlinks (this can be referred to as "creating a clickable image").

To do this, you will need to be in the post description box.

  1. Click the "Add Media" button (A) on the Toolbar and insert your image.

  2. Using your mouse, click on the image (B) that you want to make "clickable"; it should be outlined and a pencil icon and X icon will appear.

clickable image.png

3. Click on the Hyperlink button in the Toolbar (the chain link icon).

4. Paste the URL into the URL field of the Hyperlink pop-up window (or select the page or post you want it to link to). This will be the URL that you want the image to direct to when someone "clicks" on the image.

5. Click the "Add Link" button in the Hyperlink pop-up window, and continue with editing/publishing your post!