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How to Reactivate a Subscription

IMPORTANT! This article will explain how you can reactivate a subscription in Empower Network.

We have made it as simple as possible for you to reinstate a lapsed subscription, so you can get back to building a successful online business.

Follow the instructions below to reactivate a subscription that has a missed payment, and is therefore in Grace or Lockdown.

1. Log in to your Empower Network account and hover over the My Account tab in the top right corner of your back office.

2. Click "My Account Status".

              NOTE: if you are in the iPAS2 backoffice you will need to click on Empower Network logo to return to Empower Network's back office. 

3. Locate the subscription you wish to reactivate, and click on the "Click here to reactivate your account" link under the selected product. Then follow the instructions in order to update your credit card.

REMEMBER: You must update each subscription individually, so you will need to repeat the process for any additional subscriptions.

Please keep in mind that if you are submitting a new credit card, that has not been used yet in the system, then your new credit card will be charged with one monthly fee right away in order to be validated, but this payment is not an additional one; it will just add one more month to your subscription time.

EXAMPLE: If you update your card for the $47 subscription with a card that has already been used by you to make another payment on your account; then your next payment (and any future payments) for the $47 fee will be withdrawn from that card. No real payment will be made when you submit your card, but you will still receive a "success" message.

If you update your $47 subscription with a card that has not been used; it will be charged with one monthly fee in order to be validated. This means that you will skip one monthly payment and you will be billed a month later. Let's say you were supposed to be billed on Jan 15th; but you have updated your card on Jan 5th and it is charged right away; then the next payment will come around Feb 15th.

If you need a video guide, Click Here!