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I Can't View Any of the Training Videos, What Do I Do?

Most likely, this is due to some local issues with your system/browser/Internet Service Provider.

We do suggest that you try another browser like Firefox or Google Chrome. Simply switching the browser has helped most people with this issue.

Something else that is very helpful is to clear your cookies/cache from the browser or simply clearing your browser history.

If you would like to use Internet Explorer, keep in mind that it must be the most updated version, which is currently Internet Explorer 10, to view the videos as we have found that our systems are not compatible to IE.

Please also be sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed on your device.

Note: The best results with the training videos will come from accessing them from a personal computer. Although the videos are compatible with portable devices such as tablets or smartphones, the loading and buffering time will be much slower.

If this article does not help you resolve the issue you are experiencing, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Department at any time, by submitting a ticket/email. Please just keep in mind that our Support Representatives are here to help you with all Empower Network related issues, and might not be able to address any local issues our members could experience with their hardware and software.

***Videos do not have the ability to be downloaded like the audios***