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I Want to Cancel but I Do Not See a Cancellation Link!

Please login to your Empower Network account and navigate to: My Account -> My Subscriptions.

If there is no "Cancel" link for your subscription(s), then you do not have a subscription for that product anymore, and there is nothing left to cancel (in which case you're all done canceling that subscription).

NOTE: After all the subscriptions on an account are cancelled, the account will automatically expire and be placed in a "LOCKDOWN" mode. Please note that due to database requirements we do not delete accounts upon cancellation, but keep them locked down instead. Though, periodically, when system maintenance is performed, it is likely to have old accounts (which have not been accessed for a long period of time) completely deleted.

You will see the following if you have no active subscriptions left to cancel:

If you are unsure if your subscriptions are completely cancelled, please contact our Support Team at or through the widget located in the bottom right corner of your screen.