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What is Kalatu Cloud?

In simple words – KALATU CLOUD is an internet marketing platform, a tool suite which contains variety of useful and automated communication and marketing systems, combined with attention and focus on creating and managing internet marketing campaigns with ease, automation and speed. The product is an essential part of the Total Shortcut System, but could also be purchased as a standalone system.

Often customers refer to it as a really groundbreaking internet marketing platform, making the life of all marketers much easier!

A few of the main features, which Kalatu Cloud provides:

  •     Integrated video and audio email.
  •     Built-in HTML5 video hosting.
  •     Social media campaign automation.
  •     Extensive library of email templates.
  •     Webinar integration.
  •     Autoresponder and email triggers.
  •     Custom form builder.

    AND MORE!   


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