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Kalatu Cloud - Contacts

The option “Contacts” from the left menu in Kalatu Cloud takes us to the following screen:


The button NEW on top left will create a new contact and add it to our lists:


From top to bottom we need to specify:

First Name, Last Name, Email address, Business Phone

Lead Category - a category for the prospect/contact - allows us to choose within a few predefined values, this will be used for our further reference

List - allows us to choose the list to which the contact will be added

Additional options to adjust the opt-in process are allowed below.


We could also choose if we want an autoresponder to be sent out or a single email message.


Editing a contact:


Editing a contact shows has a lot of additional options, separated within a top menu and additional tabs.





Cancel - cancels the current operation and returns to the previous tab

Delete - deletes the current record (shows a confirmation window)

Save - saves the changes

Save and New - saves the changes and opens a new window to add a new record/contact

Save and Close - saves the changes and closes the current tab

Send E-Mail - opens the send email dialogue sequence which allows us to send an email to this contact

Send Autoresponder - opens the send autoresponder sequence which will allow us to send autoresponder to this contact

Send Text Message - allows us to send sms text message or mms message

Schedule a Call - schedules a phone call with this contact

Schedule Task - creates a task about this contact

Favourite Contacts - opens a list of contacts marked as “favourites”

Make a Call - starts a phone call right away

Document a Call - opens a dialogue window where we can log information about a call with this contact

Move Contact - allows us to move the contact to a different list

Unsubscribe - unsubscribes the contact so no messages will be sent any longer to that contact

Help Contents - navigates to the KB and the articles in the section Kalatu Cloud

Contact Support - opens a pop-up window which allows a support ticket/email to be sent to Customer Support





Main Info



We can add/edit information about the contact in the following categories:


General Information - Lead Source, E-mail Status, Full Name, Job Title, Company, Lead Category, List


Contact Information - Add to favourites, Lead Status, Click Action, E-mail Address / Remove Email, Web Site, Time Zone, Rating (Excellent - Good - Average - Not Good - Bad)


Phones - Business Phone, Business Fax, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Mobile Provider, Other Phone, Primary Phone


Addresses - Business, Business Mailing, Home, Home Mailing, Other


We may also keep Notes within this contact’s record - under the Notes section: Add Note / Delete / Refresh.




This tab shows brief information for the contact, visualized in sections for a better view.

Details tab - allows us to adjust further details for that member:




Autoresponder tab - this tab shows the list of autoresponders associated with that specific contact:

Tracking - not yet implemented


Activities - shows a log of all actions performed so far - list of email sent and others:


Custom Info - not yet implemented


Automated Webinars - this tab will show any previously created and assigned automated webinars for this contact:


Application - a list with useful tips when communicating with the contact further: