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What are my Options to Publish a Post?

After you have completed a blog post and you are ready to publish, you will have a variety of publishing settings available to you.   

To view these publishing options, you will want to look at the “Publish” box on the right side of your page.  If you have worked with WordPress previously, many of these features will look familiar to you.


Your options include:

  • Save Draft - After entering a blog title and content into the text box, you have the option to save it as draft so that you may go back and review it before publishing it to your blog.

  • Preview - After you have entered all the desired content and adjusted the post settings to your liking, you have the option to see what the post will look like on your blog before publishing it by clicking this button.

  • Visibility - This feature not only allows you to change the audience for this particular post but it also gives you the option to stick the post to the front page to your blog.  This way, no matter how many other posts you have, this post will always appear on the front page so that everyone can see it upon viewing your blog.  This feature is only available for posts marked “Public”.  You also have the ability to make posts “Password Protected” so that only users with the password that you have set can view the post and “Private.”

  • Publish immediately - This feature allows you to schedule a post to publish at a certain date and time in the future.

  • Publish - Once you have completed your post and adjusted all of the post’s publishing settings to suit your needs, you will click the publish button to post it to your blog.

  • Move to Trash - If you are unhappy with your post and would like to start over with a brand new post, you can click this link and trash your post.