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What Page Do I Promote?

If you are an affiliate of Empower Network, you are provided with marketing materials designed to promote the Empower Network products.

Ultimately, it is your decision as an affiliate as to which page you promote.

Some of the most important tools you are given as an affiliate are your Lead Capture Pages. Your lead capture pages are what collect the leads that are interested in potentially signing up.

Empower Network is constantly creating and testing new lead capture pages and funnels to see which ones convert best for you and your business.

The current promotion pages we offer are provided in your Empower Network account. You may access them if you login to your account and navigate to: MARKETING CENTER -> My Links.

Note: You may review the collected leads by going to: MARKETING CENTER -> My Leads.

Note - This article is solely applicable to active Empower Network affiliates. If you are a retail customer of Empower Network (meaning your Affiliate System has not been activated), then the affiliate tools will not be accessible to you.