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Why Can't I Add Any Plugins or Perform Other Customizations to My Blog?

Plugins are written by third parties. They originate because the writer wanted it for their own site use and without consideration to all other coding and plugins. Therefore they often conflict with other plugins.

When plugins and the scripts that they run conflict with each other it can disable not only the individual blog, but can also infect other blogs and affect the entire Empower Network blogging system.

Empower Network puts the interest of our customers first and therefore provides them with a blogging platform that has pre-activated and customized plugins designed to give them a wide range of functionality.  

On our customized WordPress platform, Kalatu, we offer standard WordPress plugins that you may recognize such as Recent Posts, Recent Comments, and others, as well as our own custom plugins like the 21-Day Blogging Challenge.  

Many of the plugins we offer are easy-to-use and cater to beginner bloggers, though we do provide features for advanced bloggers. Our purpose behind providing the plugins is so that our customers can avoid the overwhelming technical difficulties of creating customization and to avoid having to correct the repercussions of over-customizing a site.

Allowing the installation of plugins would result in conflicting coding that could damage the entire blogging platform beyond repair.

This is also why many custom features have been disabled on the blog.  

Activating a combination of customizations can and will not only cause issues with the functioning of the blog, but also with conversion rates and load times of the blog.