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Why Did My Post Not Share to Facebook?

When you set your "Facebook Share Settings" for a blog post, these determine how your post will appear when shared on various social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, etc). You may locate these settings from the left menu in your Kalatu Blogging System if you click on "SEO SETTINGS".

By setting this information, your posts are not automatically posted to Facebook.

For your blog post(s) to be shared on a social media platform, you must click the social pop button for the post.

  1. Set your "Facebook Share Settings" for the post, including a Share Title, Share Description, and a Share Image.

  2. Visit that blog post on your blog (Visit Site from the black admin bar in your dashboard).

  1. Locate the blog post on your blog.

  2. Click the social pop button for the social media platform you want to share the post on.

Now, your blog post will be shared on the social media site of your choice.